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Mike Goergen & Cy Higgins

Mike & Cy have been friends for years.

How did they meet? Over a beer.

Nothing has changed since. 

Mike started homebrewing while attending New England Culinary Institute and attributes his keen sense of taste to his years working in the culinary industry. He has never stopped homebrewing and has won competitions for his creations. 

Cy studied in Europe for college and this experience exposed him to many different styles of beer helping build his vast knowledge of brewing. In Connecticut, Cy has been in the brewery scene for years starting out homebrewing and working his way up to a 30 barrel system.

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Myrcene is an essential oil found in numerous plants and fruits.

One of those plants is hops and, in beer, myrcene is responsible for the peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance.

Myrcene may be recognizable

for its earthy scent & flavor profile.

Some perceive a balsam fragrance, while others describe it as smelling of clove or musk.

We picked Myrcene for our name because we care about what's in our beer -- even at the chemistry level.

Good Ingredients make Good Beer!

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